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We are taking Kwad Camp Online

Kwad Camp has been doing a great job at helping those of all skill levels advance their knowledge and skills at our in person events. It has also helped in bringing together our community around the one thing we all love, flying FPV, but we can only visit so many cities and not everyone can make it to those cities. So we are bringing the Kwad Camp experience to you. Now pilots everywhere can spend time hanging out and getting help from Rotor Riot and other top professional FPV pilots.


What Is

Kwad Camp Online


Kwad Camp Online is a way for Rotor Riot and other top pilots to share their FPV knowledge in an interactive and personal way. We are building it using a collection of online tools to connect, share, and broadcast to the world.



Twitch is an online streaming platform for sharing live video. We are using it to stream regularly scheduled live educational sessions on topics ranging from 3D printing to Part 107 test prep. When you visit be sure to click on the ❤ to follow and be notified whenever we start a stream. You can also check out our upcoming schedule here.


Discord is a communications platform with text channels dedicated to various topics from sharing your videos to getting help from the FPVKnowitall. In addition we use it for voice chat during our live sessions on twitch, you can join in and talk to the guys during the show. Anyone can join us on discord, we have an active community of pilots ready to help you with your first build or that pesky video issue you’ve been having. If you want access to all of the channels and features on the discord server including channels dedicated to getting assistance directly from our instructors then become a Founder today on Patreon.


The Kwad Camp Online Store

We have recently opened an online store exclusively for our Kwad Camp Founders. This store has exclusive prices on all the great products Rotor Riot is releasing such as; Riot Control FC, Ummagawd’s Remix, Hypetrain Motors, and many more. The only way to gain access is by becoming a founder through Patreon.


Ongoing Series


Part 107 Test Prep

Kevin “StingersSwarm” Dougherty has years of experience both as an airline pilot and working as a Certified Flight Instructor. Join him for this ongoing series to help you prepare for your Part 107 written exam.


Community Video Viewing Party

At least once a week we open the stream up for your content. Post links to your latest video and enjoy watching your video and others submitted by the community. These sessions are always a great time and a great way to get your amazing content recognized.




Q & A With Joshua Bardwell

None other than the FPVKnowitall, Joshua Bardwell answers your questions about quadcopter setup, troubleshooting, and product selection.




Really glad I joined the Kwad Camp Online! A great way to immerse yourself in the community and hang out with guys from all over the planet plus the great savings in the online store. I’ve learned a ton in the Twitch streams plus being able to ask questions to the community on the Discord server has really helped. I highly recommend joining.
— Al Tofanelli
It was for sure one of the most fun things I have done since I started flying fpv. If you get the chance to attend a Kwad Camp, do yourself a big favor, and go. It’s worth it for the ride along’s alone!!
— Roger Moore
Kwad Camp. It is better than black licorice and green olive flavored Lays potato chips?
— Uglygun FPV


Become a founder on Patreon

If you are ready to become a founder and support Kwad Camp online click below. You will be gaining access to all of the discord server and big discounts through the Kwad Camp Online Store.